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Cat-tails & Cocktails


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been enjoying this beautiful hot weather basking in the pub beer garden and loving all the attention you hoomans have been giving me! Tonight is Friday night and I suggest you should try some of the large range of cocktails the pub has to offer! My brother Ozzy is trying to read the menu, such a silly cat, he can’t read!! I wouldn’t want to take his suggestions anyway, you’d probably get a fishy colada or a bloody hairy! Stick to the wide range of choices the pub has to offer, with 2 for £8 on selected cocktails available all day everyday!

Pickles supports Canterbury Pride! 

Meow! Looking fabulous here in my bow tie whilst one of my mums tries to give me a kiss! Get off hooman! You’re ruining my street cred! I hope all you other hoomans are going to Pride Canterbury today! My mums say it’s important to support pride events as without the LGBT rights movement they wouldn’t have been able to get married! Plus it’s an excellent excuse to look fabulous and have a palrty!

Rain rain go meoway!

Well, this weather today has annoyed me to no end! Raining all morning and then the first bit of sun I venture out for it’s downpouring within 5 minutes! To make matters worse the hooman refused to open the window for me! She says the window next to that one was open the whole time! The indignity of it all, I didn’t want to go back in that window hooman, I wanted a different one opened!  After all that I fancied a good wash and a nap. The hooman was bangin on about some “supa meowio brotha” game on the arcade machine this week in the pub. “Does it feed me fish?” I asked, “No” she replied “plus you need thumbs to play it”. Back to the nap it is then! Silly hoomans.